Summer & Winter Training on CYBER SECURITY & ETHICAL HACKING

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language. It is not only a programming language, but a programming environment as well. It can perform operations from the command line, as a sophisticated calculator or can create programs and functions that perform repetitive tasks, just as any other computer language.

Summer & Winter Training on MATLAB Programming

It has a demand in almost all fields related to numerical computation.


Module 1: Basics in C

• C Programming

Module 2: Introduction to MATLAB

• Basic Commands and syntax Identifiers

• Arrays and Matrices

• Referencing Elements

• Matrix Operations

• Array Operations

Module 3: Functions

• Built in Functions

• User Defined Functions

• Program Flow Control Instruction

Module 4: Multidimensional

• Creating Multidimensional Arrays

• Generating Arrays using MATLAB


• CAT function

• Multidimensional Cell Arrays

Module 5: Signal Processing in MATLAB

• Types of signals

• Classification of Signal

• Systems

• Graphics

Module 6: Filters in MATLAB

• Types

• Finite Impulse Response(FIR) filter

• Infinite Impulse Response(IIR)filter

• Implementation of FFT in MATLAB

Module 7: Image Processing in MATLAB

• Wavelets and Multi resolution Analysis

• Image Enhancement techniques

• Morphological Operations

• Image Segmentation

Module 8: Introduction to GUI

Module 9: Simulink

• Getting started simulink

• Creating a Simulink Model